[RDD] Rules setup question

Pedro Picoto pedro.picoto at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 07:43:28 EST 2014

When I create a clock I can setup rules in two ways: create new ones for
the freshly created clock or importing them from another clock.

I can only do that after closing and opening the clock. Any rules
change/creation without previously close the clock won't be assume (Why?)

If I choose to import rules from another clock, here's what happens:

- I import them from another clock. I decide to edit them  then save to the
new clock. Close and open it and the changes are not assumed (Why?).

The clocks are Music (ie MUSIC-MUSIC-MUSIC) category rotation ruled by
codes. When I created clocks based on direct categories (example
POP-POP-ROCK(...)) the issues above didn't happen.

As usual... what am I doing wrong? Or is it a feature?...
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