[RDD] Tips for speeding up RDLogManager?

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Sat Dec 27 01:23:49 EST 2014

Hi Mike,

First, make sure you've done what you can to optimize MySQL - make sure
it has a good amount of memory available, tweak the my.cnf file, and
make sure that rd.conf points to the IP address of your MySQL server. 
If MySQL is on the same machine that you're running rdlogmanager on then
don't use localhost / - use the actual IP of the machine with
the MySQL server.

Second - even with MySQL optimized RDLogManager can take a long time,
especially if you have a large cart library that you are pulling from. 
This is due in part to the way that it is coded, currently using arrays.

There is a patch which has been under review although at this point from
what I understand the patch is not yet in the mainstream code.  An
explanation of what is going on with the scheduler (along with some
information about the patch) is at:


Assuming the patch has not broken anything then it is likely it may end
up in a  future release, at which point you'll see a major improvement
in the speed of log generation (the email linked suggested around a 13x

Lorne Tyndale

> We're experimenting with RDLogManager.  I set up three events (legal id,
> station break, music), then created one clock that uses them as "legal,
> musicx5, break, musicx5, break, musicx5, break, musicx5".  ("musicx5" means
> 5 music events.) I then created a Monday grid with that clock in only one
> hour; all others were empty.
> When I generated a log with those settings it took 15 minutes wall-clock
> time to generate the one-hour log. Projecting that implies that it'll take
> 6 hours to generate a 24-hour log.  This was run using the workstation
> Appliance (Centos 6, Rivendell 2.10) on a Dell Inspiron 530 (Intel Core2
> Duo at 2.0Ghz, 3G memory).
> There's nothing special going on.
> "Legal" pulls carts from the "legal" group, with artist separation of 10
> (we have 150+ legal carts).
> "Break" does the same from the "id" group, also with separation of 10 (150+
> carts).
> "Music" selects from the "music" group, with separation of 100.
> The scheduler rules for the clock are max in a row of 1 and min wait of 0
> for all codes (we have several dozen).
> RDLogManager does not report any errors. The generated log looks
> appropriate.
> Do other folks have this problem? How do you speed up the log generation
> process?
> Thanks for any tips.
> Mike Carroll
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