[RDD] Unable to connect to mySQL

John Anderson john at 2601.net
Wed Dec 24 08:10:07 EST 2014


count to 10...

RRAubuntu is not the Paravel release, but if you used the disk to
install it, and used the script to install it, it's REALLY odd that
something went wrong, UNLESS you managed to mistype the passwords...

If it were me, I'd boot the machine...(I never had to, but I have heard
others say that might help)...

or Simply reload the ISO from scratch, CAREFULLY following the script
and not getting ahead of it... if I remember, it will ask for you admin
password, and the mysql passwords..and I think it does ask for the mysql
passwords first... make sure you type them as it asks.

On Tue, 2014-12-23 at 23:55 -0500, Ryan Kingham wrote:
> I just install RRAbuntu OS (Paravel) Brand new fresh ISO and install
> This thing is giving me unable to connect window. I tried root and
> rivendell... Those wont work...... Please call me at 989-545-2936 to
> help me out with this problem...... thank's!!!
> Ryan
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