James L. Stewart jstewart at paceaudio.com
Mon Dec 15 19:38:39 EST 2014

>Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 18:52:37 -0800
>From: Brandon<brandon at subliminalradio.net>

>... I thought it would be a really good opportunity to document
>the project, for the student management to be able to
>maintain the system.

This is great! (obviously not finished, but a good start)

I love the following line, I'm assuming it is just a typo and that you are not simply showing bias against the CentOS based Appliance!

"...It’s built on top of CentOS Linux so it’s pretty much bullet-proof. For
  those who prefer a turkey system with 24 hour tech support ..."

So for a few months now I've been threatening to do a similar documentation project on my setup for a lot of the same reasons, but have been torn about its scope, and perhaps you are (or will be) experiencing some similar tough decisions.  Here is my problem:  To make the a real comprehensive document to cover most everyones' needs as well having enough background information for newbies, one could easily end up with a documentation project that is too big to ever complete (or in my case, to even get started on!).  For example, in your document a few words about why you chose to go the Ubuntu/Peignier's route instead of the Paravel Appliance or perhaps a SuSE route might be helpful to many.  In my case I have a lot of specific reasons why I went with a custom Debian install.  Then why or why not use Jackd?  You can see how a documentation project like this can grow out of control!

So here is an idea I've been toying around with that perhaps might also encourage others:  How about a section in the Rivendell Wiki that is titled "Example Setups" where people can post some much more limited documents of "Here is my setup, how to build/configure it, and unique things it does" instead of trying to teach everything to everybody.  This way people can look through info on our real-world working systems and if they find something that fits them, they can choose to build it?  Some people might choose to simply post some "cryptic" notes meant just for their own internal staff to refer to (but still could be useful for the rest of us) while others might post a full step-by-step document like you are creating.

So my point is for you to please complete your work, at least initially in a form that will work for you and your staff, and then only optionally choose to embellish it up with more general information that might only be suited for others, as your valuable time permits!  Oh, but make sure you have it dated with versions so people can make judgements down the road as to how obsolete your document might be.

PS: It might be nice if we ALL pitched in and tried to complete the "Administration Guide", If we all just pitched in a paragraph or two, it might actually get done.  The "Rivendell Operations Guide", once very good, is getting a bit dated as well.

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