Brandon brandon at subliminalradio.net
Sun Dec 14 21:52:37 EST 2014

Greetings from Los Angeles:

First of all, I really appreciate the support here in the mailing list. You
guys (and gals) are the best!!!

I've been in the middle of a major hardware upgrade and installing
Rivendell automation at UCLARadio.com (the online radio station at UCLA). I
thought it would be a really good opportunity to document the project, for
the student management to be able to maintain the system.

The tutorial isn't completely finished yet, but I wanted to solicit your
feedback. If anyone has the time or curiosity to walk through the steps, it
would be great if you could confirm the accuracy and clarity of the

And I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any shortcuts, suggestions and
improvements, etc to post in the comments section.


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