[RDD] Newby to Rivendell need help

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Sun Dec 14 18:22:12 EST 2014


If you're new to Linux, you might want to become familiar with Linux
basics first.  Moving on to some of your other questions.

1 and 2 - The easiest way to import a large number of songs into
Rivendell is to set up a drop box, and just copy all the audio you want
to import into the dropbox, let Rivendell do the work.  Rivendell stores
all its audio in /var/snd and keeps the information about each track in
its database.  Rivendell will name all the imported files according to
its naming convention - based on the cart and cut number. 

3 - Most of the onbaord audio cards are recognized by ALSA, so in many
cases you won't have to install any drivers, since they are already

4, 5, and 6 - This all seems to be questions related to your specific
setup, rather then Rivendell in general. Your best bet might perhaps be
to pay for support through Paravel.  While many of us on this list are
more then happy to help with answering questions, the specifics of
remote accessing your desktop to help set up a system and integrate it
with an external scheduler, this seems like something you might be
better off to pay for that support, especially considering that you've
indicated you're also new to Linux.

Lorne Tyndale

> I set up the software (download the DVD- ) and the computer BUT now I
> am stuck.  This is my FIRST time with Unix.
> 1                     What is the easiest way to rename 4000 songs and know
> what songs are what?
> 2                     Where do I load the songs on the drive for the
> automation to know where to find them?
> 3                     I have a driver for the onboard audio BUT do not know
> how to install it?
> 4                     I see there is a VNC app.. which one can I use so
> someone could connect to my computer and help me?
> 5                     I use Natural music to create my play list for
> WireReady automation.  It creates a Text file for play.how do I load it to
> use it?
> 6                     I am looking for someone to help me with this project
> by emails.
>  a
> Thanks,
> Don Prentice
> KCAS Radio station
> McAllen, TX
> 602-705-1002
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