[RDD] Newby to Rivendell need help

John Anderson john at 2601.net
Sat Dec 13 19:25:01 EST 2014

Actually, the easiest way is to contact Paravel Systems for support... I
think you'll pay about 1000 or so for the first year, but you can get
the right answers, quickly, rather than relying on general expertise of
the community...

you'll get the right answers, faster, and the ones that depend on the
specific circumstance you have... 

On Sat, 2014-12-13 at 16:15 -0700, Manager wrote:
> I set up the software (download the DVD- ) and the computer BUT
> now I am stuck.  This is my FIRST time with Unix.
> 1                     What is the easiest way to rename 4000 songs and
> know what songs are what?

what format are they in, where did they come from?
> 2                     Where do I load the songs on the drive for the
> automation to know where to find them?

you can create a dropbox anywhere on your computer, again, it depends on
the specific metadata pattern you need to use, or you can use rdimport,
and pick them up wherever...
> 3                     I have a driver for the onboard audio BUT do not
> know how to install it?

assuming its alsa compatible it, should likely already be there, but one
would have to know your specifics.  you really don't want to run on the
onboard sound card for long, as it seem like for have a fairly real
radio station

> 4                     I see there is a VNC app.. which one can I use
> so someone could connect to my computer and help me?

yea, but again, it would initially need to be set up...I'd contact
support, as they can have you connect to them, and then they can set you
up correctly...

> 5                     I use Natural music to create my play list for
> WireReady automation.  It creates a Text file for play…how do I load
> it to use it?

thru the rivendell/configuration/rdadmin/manage services

> 6                     I am looking for someone to help me with this
> project by emails.

again, go to support, they can have you up and running within hours...
> Is this email list the best place to get help?

if you have a lot of time, it may help, but I think I have already
mentioned the BEST way!

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