[RDD] Newby to Rivendell need help

Manager manager at kcasradio.org
Sat Dec 13 18:15:59 EST 2014



I set up the software (download the DVD- ) and the computer BUT now I
am stuck.  This is my FIRST time with Unix.


1                     What is the easiest way to rename 4000 songs and know
what songs are what?

2                     Where do I load the songs on the drive for the
automation to know where to find them?

3                     I have a driver for the onboard audio BUT do not know
how to install it?

4                     I see there is a VNC app.. which one can I use so
someone could connect to my computer and help me?

5                     I use Natural music to create my play list for
WireReady automation.  It creates a Text file for play.how do I load it to
use it?

6                     I am looking for someone to help me with this project
by emails.



Don Prentice

KCAS Radio station

McAllen, TX



Is this email list the best place to get help?


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