[RDD] Question about maximum carts

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Sat Dec 13 13:24:16 EST 2014


Lately I've been wondering if there is a way to increase the maximum
number of carts available in Rivendell, which right now is limited to

I see that in lib/rd.h there is a RD_MAX_CART_NUMBER definition.  I'm
just wondering - if there was a desire to increase the maximum number of
carts available, would that be the one item to change and then
recompile, or are there additional changes to either the database and /
or other code which would be needed?

Admittedly I have no lack of available cart numbers, however from time
to time I have talked to people about Rivendell who have said things
like "I have 20,000 CD's I'd want to put in the system, with 999,999
carts available I might run out of cart range".  Of course, when you
point out that 20,000 CD's at an average of 12 tracks per CD, you're
still only at 240,000 carts - assuming 1 cut per cart.  But there is
still some concern that some unknown day in the future a station might
run out of cart numbers (of course, it ignores the fact that you can
delete stuff that never gets played).

Anyways, I am just wondering - if it is a simple change in lib/rd.h and
then a recompile, then it would be easy to bring the whole discussion to
a quick end (which again - would likely never in reality be needed).


Lorne Tyndale

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