[RDD] No sound from Rivendell 2.10.2

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Fri Dec 12 17:17:51 EST 2014


I admit that I always compile from source, I don't use Alban's packages,
and I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, however one thing I've run into on HP
and Dell computers with Ubuntu (specifically HP and Dell computers which
are running the Intel  based audio chipset, which is most of them)...

1.  Kill off Pulse audio.  Instructions here:


2.  If you are using  ALSA, then in your /etc/asound.conf file, add a
rate line and set it to the sample rate that you have picked in rdadmin
--> System settings.  After updating this file restart the Rivendell
daemons.  So if you're using 48000, put into your /etc/asound.conf file 

pcm.rd0 {
type hw
card 0
device 0
rate 48000
ctl.rd0 {
type hw
card 0
rate 48000


-The reason for the rate line - for some reason the Intel chipsets don't
always like using the correct sample rate when Rivendell starts. At
least in my case, putting the rate in the /etc/asound.conf file seems to
fix it.

Of course, check your rdadmin --> Hosts --> audio resources to see if
the card shows up, and ensure that your outputs are set correctly for
rdairplay, rdlibrary, etc.

Lorne Tyndale

> Folks,
> I have installed Rivendell 2.10.2 on a Dell Dimension pc with 2 Gb of ram
> and Lubuntu 14.04, using the files from Alban and following Alban's
> instructions.  Everything loaded OK but I can't get any sound to play from
> RDAirPlay or any other RD application.  There is no indication that RD is
> trying to play the file.  When I kill the Rivendell daemons, I CAN play
> audio from Audacious and Audacity.
> Other problems noted:  the installation did NOT create the /var/snd
> folder.  When I figured out it didn't exist, I created it and gave
> permissions to all (just for testing purposes) but it made no difference.
> I also have my doubts the database files were created but I'm not sure what
> to look for to check this.
> Any suggestions?
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