[RDD] No sound from Rivendell 2.10.2

Chuck Niday cdniday at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 15:18:57 EST 2014


I have installed Rivendell 2.10.2 on a Dell Dimension pc with 2 Gb of ram
and Lubuntu 14.04, using the files from Alban and following Alban's
instructions.  Everything loaded OK but I can't get any sound to play from
RDAirPlay or any other RD application.  There is no indication that RD is
trying to play the file.  When I kill the Rivendell daemons, I CAN play
audio from Audacious and Audacity.

Other problems noted:  the installation did NOT create the /var/snd
folder.  When I figured out it didn't exist, I created it and gave
permissions to all (just for testing purposes) but it made no difference.
I also have my doubts the database files were created but I'm not sure what
to look for to check this.

Any suggestions?

-Chuck Niday-
Allegheny Mtn. Radio
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