[RDD] RDLogManager only inserts 24 events into generated log

James Oliver support at ckxu.com
Fri Dec 12 11:14:40 EST 2014


I am trying to get Rivendell up and running on a new automation system for
CKXU-FM <http://www.ckxu.com> a campus-community radio station in
Lethbridge, Alberta. long story short we are switching from our current
automation system RadioDJ <http://radiodj.ro> to Rivendell in an attempt to
get a more robust and reliable playout/automation system.

I had previously mentioned a issue with the DB creation on MySQL 5.5 in github
issue #47 <https://github.com/ElvishArtisan/rivendell/issues/47>. To
resolve this on our system I set the default-storage-engine to MyISAM in
the my.cfg config file and it seemed to have corrected the InnoDB issue
(verified all tables are running MyISAM)

So here is the new issue I am running into, all rivendell services seem to
run fine except for RDLogManager.
Upon creating a log it only inserts a total of 24 events into the log. This
is usually only the first event in the clock for each hour.
This is puzzling me a bit as I have checked that the scheduling rules are
not limiting its selection and there are plenty of carts in the database to
choose from.
I am running version 2.10.2-2 and the database was created on version
2.10.2 but I have run the command to create the HAS_CODE2 in the DB.

for the event that is loading I have the scheduler selecting from the music
where category is CC. Music that is imported currently is all done with
dropboxes and assigns the code CC (Canadian Content) to content in the
folder. ie music in the /local-lib/CC/21/[AR]/*/*.flac will be imported and
entered with scheduler codes CC,21,and AR. the scheduler setting limiting
the number of instances in a row has been increased to 900 for all three
categories (also tried 0, not clear on what value would be equivalent to
'don't restrict' )

Do you know of something that I may have improperly configured to cause
this problem?

Any assistance with this issue would be appreciated.

here is the system information for this system if needed:

   - Dell T3610, E5-1650
   - 256GB SSD Boot/OS (/var/snd mounted to 3TB 7200 Rpm HDD)
   - 16GB 1866MHz DDR3 ECC RDIMM
   - Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (Desktop)
   - MySQL 5.5 (MyISAM default engine)
   - Rivendell v2.10.2-2
   - Uses JACK to output on M-Audio Delta 1010LT

James Oliver
CKXU Radio Society
SU162 4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, AB

CKXU Radio Society
SU162, 4401 University Drive West, Lethbridge, Alberta,
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