[RDD] Scheduler rules not followed

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Wed Dec 10 06:00:52 EST 2014


> But if I'm right, it's not possible to _change_ the scheduler codes,
> is it? So this might mean I have to recode my complete database?
> Anyway, if it solves the problem, it's worth the work!
It's actually rather fast: create the new scheduler code newCode, go to 
rdlibrary, select all carts having oldCode, click edit and assign them 
the new code.

About dayparting:
the only use i have of dayparting _cuts_ is for specific IDs and for 
short daily and weekly shows that are either imported manually well in 
advance or imported "unattendedly" by a bot.
To "daypart" certain _carts_ without having them scheduled, my solution 
is to use (yet another) scheduler code; for example "not_before22h": 
then in the scheduler rules of all clocks where you dont want those 
carts scheduled, set "max in a row" 0.

About the scheduler breaking rules:
(the exact way the scheduler works is still a bit obscure to me, so all 
this might be wild guesses)
it seems to me that your "min. wait" values are too high.
I remember reading 'somewhere' that the artist separation and min wait 
rules are the first to be broken in case the scheduler has a shortage of 

Hope it helps.

. e

> Thanks for your reply, I'll let you know if it has helped.
> Sincerely,
> Peter van Embden
> Radio Capelle
> The Netherlands
> www.radiocapelle.nl [1]
> Verstuurd
> VAN: Robert Jeffares
> VERZONDEN: ‎dinsdag‎ ‎9‎ ‎december‎ ‎2014 ‎20‎:‎11
> AAN: User_discussion_about_the_Rivendell_Radio_Automation_System
> On 10/12/14 01:55, Peter van Embden wrote:
>> For example: due to the Dutch festive of "Sinterklaas" (today,
>> december 5), Christmas (M=KERST) songs should not be played
> me thinks Black Peter is having a say in this...!!!
> I have a strong memory that using = in the scheduler code may cause
> problems in mysql.
> I avoid all punctuation and symbols like @ & % <>? () in anything that
> runs in mysql because they tend to get interpreted as something else.
> I like the energy level idea. I have a tempo scheduler code which
> works
> but the energy level adds a fine tuning I have been looking for.
> Changing the scheduler code from E=1 to E1 may produce a change.
> You can create a new scheduler code without the '=' and globally
> change
> all songs with E=1 to E1 in RDLIBRARY so not too big a pain to test
> the
> theory.
> regards
> Robert Jeffares
> Big Valley Radio
> Thames New Zealand
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