[RDD] Scheduler rules not followed

Peter van Embden twitter at moqua.nl
Wed Dec 10 02:28:33 EST 2014

That's the whole point: audio is not available, because I dayparted it with RDLibrary, but outside those hours the song still gets scheduled, which sometimes causes a music shortage.


Peter van Embden.


Van: Robert Jeffares
Verzonden: ‎dinsdag‎ ‎9‎ ‎december‎ ‎2014 ‎19‎:‎58
Aan: User_discussion_about_the_Rivendell_Radio_Automation_System

On 10/12/14 01:55, Peter van Embden wrote:
> some songs are only available 00.00-06.00, due to explicit content

The day parts get set in rdlibrary in the cut itself [double click 
cart;double click the cut;tweak]


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