[RDD] Scheduler rules not followed

Peter van Embden twitter at moqua.nl
Wed Dec 10 02:19:49 EST 2014

Nice pun on Black Pete, haha! I'll give it a try though.

But if I'm right, it's not possible to change the scheduler codes, is it? So this might mean I have to recode my complete database?

Anyway, if it solves the problem, it's worth the work!

Thanks for your reply, I'll let you know if it has helped.


Peter van Embden

Radio Capelle

The Netherlands



Van: Robert Jeffares
Verzonden: ‎dinsdag‎ ‎9‎ ‎december‎ ‎2014 ‎20‎:‎11
Aan: User_discussion_about_the_Rivendell_Radio_Automation_System

On 10/12/14 01:55, Peter van Embden wrote:
> For example: due to the Dutch festive of "Sinterklaas" (today, 
> december 5), Christmas (M=KERST) songs should not be played

me thinks Black Peter is having a say in this...!!!

I have a strong memory that using = in the scheduler code may cause 
problems in mysql.

I avoid all punctuation and symbols like @ & % <>? () in anything that 
runs in mysql because they tend to get interpreted as something else.

I like the energy level idea. I have a tempo scheduler code which works 
but the energy level adds a fine tuning I have been looking for.

Changing the scheduler code from E=1 to E1 may produce a change.

You can create a new scheduler code without the '=' and globally change 
all songs with E=1 to E1 in RDLIBRARY so not too big a pain to test the 


Robert Jeffares
Big Valley Radio
Thames New Zealand

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