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We're filling our database more and more and with that I found it was time to change the rules. But Rivendell doesn't quite listen to those rules I set. My set of rules is in this picture: http://nl.tinypic.com/r/35l6mfs/8. All clocks of the day have these rules. I actually only have 3 clocks for the day: one for 00.00-01.00, one for 01.00-23.00 and one for 23.00-00.00. This way we don't have any hiccups around midnight and still have the news floating (but that's another story, if you're interested, I'll make a seperate thread for that).


The music is selected from 2 events: the first song of the hour must have code E=4 (I like to schedule music according to their energy level), the rest of the hour songs are selected from "all music", which should be done according to attached set of rules. Which it doesn't! Every two songs a jingle or ident is played, which have some codes too.


For example: due to the Dutch festive of "Sinterklaas" (today, december 5), Christmas (M=KERST) songs should not be played. The rule is now set to "0" "1". That rule will be changed next sunday to "1" "25", so from monday on Christmas songs may be scheduled with approx 2 per hour. But it's playing Christmas songs already.


For some reason, if you take a look at the rules, Rivendell manages to play 4 "2010s" in a row. This is not supposed to happen. And I tried to create a "20 years apart" rule, so music should vary between <1970s to 2010s. Also the rule for "current hits" (R=CUR) is broken a lot! Now set to "1" "50", this morning 4 current hits were played in one hour.


A typical song has 11 codes, defining the era (songs from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s also have the code 1900s, which is leading as you can see), level of overall enery (E=1-5), level of intro energy (I=1-5), level of outtro enery (O=1-5), language (where everything that's NOT English also has the code L=ANDERS, so I could set a rule to pick a non-English song every two other songs, but still vary in what language that can be), source (M=..., so it's easy to track where the music is from in order to be able to replace less quality with better quality if possible), and so on, you can see it in the attachment.


Did I do anything wrong? Did I miss something? Doesn't our version of Rivendell support this many codes (we're running 2.6.0 for about a year now)? Help me please! In my head these are a quite perfect set of rules! And with a database of 700 songs and growing, you'd say there's plenty of room for variation.


Oh, and there's another tiny issue: some songs are only available 00.00-06.00, due to explicit content (i.e. Cee Lo Green - Fuck You), but are scheduled during the day, which then leaves a gap in the schedule. Doesn't the scheduler reckon with that? And if so: why not?


Thanks for reading, I hope you can help me with finding a solution for this.





Peter van Embden

Radio Capelle

The Netherlands


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