[RDD] Choppy Voice tracking audio

Warren Mead am1611 at westnet.com.au
Mon Dec 8 02:41:05 EST 2014

Hi All,

I'm finally setting up voice tracking on Rivendell, but the audio is 
choppy/ giltchy .
The OS is Centos 6.6 with Rivendell v2.10.2 and it all works fine except 
for this issue.
I'm not using Jack at this stage.

The playout card  is an M Audio Audiophile 192, and I'm trying to record 
voice tracking throught the line input of the onboard audition/cue card 
which is listed as an ATI SB.

Could this be a sample rate thing?  If so, where do I change it?


Warren Mead

Gold MX

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