[RDD] RN macro on Centos 6 Appliance

Stan Fotinos sfotinos at rtrfm.com.au
Thu Dec 4 03:59:52 EST 2014

Hi Will

I managed to get my scripts working in the home folder. I gave the home 
directory the correct permissions for it to work. However I can not get 
something as simple as "gedit" the run :-( If any one has a solution for 
this that would be very much appreciated!

Kind Regards

On 4/12/2014 2:11 am, Will Mashione wrote:
> Stan,
> Did you ever figure out your issue of running a RN macro on the 
> appliance?  I’m also having the same issue, and noticed nobody posted 
> on the list and I’ve been fighting the same problem.
> SBC - Will Mashione

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