[RDD] Scheduling

Al Sargent sargent at digitaldevelopment.net
Wed Dec 3 21:21:49 EST 2014

I have been trying to setup the Rivendell automation system for the last 
couple of days with some mixed results.  I have been following tghe 
"Rivendell - How to schedule music blog from thebrettblog.  I used the 
install cd I downloaded from the Paravell site that loaded Centos and a 
basic setup of the Rivendell software.  I setup a couple of extra music 
groups (60sMusic, 70sMusic, and Country) and used RDimport to import a 
few hundred songs in each group and loaded them into individual carts.  
I then set up a timed event for the top of the hour event and an event 
to play a weather forcast.  I set the clock putting the timed event for 
the top of the hour first, the weather forcast event next, followed by 
enough 60sMusic and 70sMusic events to fill the hour.  I filled the grid 
with that clock and went to create a log.  The log consisted of 
everything except the 60sMusic event and the 70sMusic event.  Each hour 
was top of the hour event followed by the weather event and nothing 
more.  I have two services listed (KRWS_FM and Production) and they are 
both selected in each event.  Can anyone help.  Thank you.

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