[RDD] amb-ux

Nathan Steele nathan.steele at thecrossfm.com
Tue Jan 29 17:15:04 EST 2013

Hello all,

So I have amb-ux configured and running and all of my ambos recievers 
files are showing up in /var/amb-ux. Can someone recommend to me the 
best way to go about getting them into the appropriate carts? RDCATCH or 
Dropbox? Previously I was using a dropbox, which had the files put into 
it from a windows systemk running the ambos ui. Ambos UI would rename 
the files and put them into a directory that was used by another 
automation system for our other station. then we used an ftp program to 
log into the rivendell server and put the ones we needed into the 
dropbox, which would import them and overwrite the previous days cut. 
Now we are adding more programs that will not be used by the other 
station and personally I would like to take the windows box in the 
middle out of the equation. The nice thing was that the ambos UI would 
handle sending the correct days program, now I am faced with the task of 
getting the correct program out of a folder with several days worth of 
them in it, I know it can be done, just have to get there. any 
suggestions the files are named like this:

"HCJB_BTC5_01_29_13_more numbers_maybe some version number_not sure"


Nathaniel C. Steele
Assistant Chief Engineer/Technical Director
WTRM-FM / TheCrossFM

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