[RDD] Back timing

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Tue Jan 29 13:17:37 EST 2013

Let me stick my nose in here for a bit, totally ignorant of where Rivendell
presently is on this point, and recap how I've always understood this was
supposed to be done; people who are using it every day can tell me why it
doesn't work this way.  :-)

If I schedule an hour of music, announcements, and spots, and all my music
has properly timed and carted intro and outro segue areas, then that hour 
of music has some "air" in it: I don't *have to* use up all of the available
talk-over space at each end of each song, and, in a 14 song hour, that can 
amount to a considerable amount of squeeze space in that hour, as much as 
two minutes, I would expect.  If I leave my segues loose, then I can 
tighten them up when necessary to hit an outcue, spreading it over enough
songs that it's not especially noticeable.

Is the problem that the external scheduler does not provide a way to put
in the hard time mark so you can hit it?  Or is it that the adjustment
of "air" in that hour to hit the hard time is not presently something 
Rivendell itself can do?  (IE: is this a lack of metadata bandwidth in
the schedule data between the scheduler and Rivendell?)

Cause this seems like it ought not to be that hard to get accomplished.

What layer is the molasses leak in?  :-)

-- jra
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