[RDD] Audio Switch/Routing

Brian P. McGlynn jazzeum at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 28 21:18:25 EST 2013

Yes.  I checked with ALSA and the envy24 tool as well - both show that the input levels are fine, and that the settings are equal across both channels.

The fact that the signal shows up on Channel 3 when it's not supposed to makes me think something is up.  Channel should be port 2 and not have any audio except for Cue (which works fine).

It's almost like the Left channel is going to Channels 1 and 2, and the Right Channel is going to channels 2 and 3.  


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Have you had a look at alsa-mixer it sounds like it might be set to 
different input/output levels.

On 2013-01-28 22:33, Brian P. McGlynn wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use Rivendell 2.2.1 with an Audio Card as the audio
> router for Satellite-delivered programming. Audio from the satellite
> comes into Port 1 (Channels 1, 2: L/R), and is switched in and out to
> play on output port 1 - (1,2: L/R) of Rivendell. To activate the
> switching, I use the Local Audio Card switcher configured for two
> inputs (the audio card has two pairs of In/Out).
> To activate the Satellite Audio, I issue "ST 2 1 1!" as a macro cart.
> To stop, I issue "SR 2 1 1!". The Local Audio Card is configured as
> Switching Device #2.
> When I issue ST 2 1 1 - Audio begins to pass through on channels L/R
> of output 1 and the Left channel of output 2 of the second pair
> (channels 1, 2, and 3 of the Delta 44). Further, the audio in Channel
> 2 (The Right Channel of Pair 1) is twice the level as Channel 1 and 
> 3.
> The card I am using is the Delta 44 with the envy24 driver. When I
> bring up the control panel for the Envy, I can see that the incoming
> audio is at the correct levels of Input Channel 1 and 2 (L/R for Pair
> 1). It is just problematic on the output with this card where channel
> 2 is twice the level as channel 1 and 3. Ideally, audio should only 
> be
> coming out of channels 1 and 2.
> Any help/recommendations are greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Brian
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