[RDD] Confused: RLM Icecast2

Alessio Elmi alessio_elmi at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 14:17:50 EST 2013

I know it's a noob approach... try with something easier (like
write-file RLM) and check if it works. In that case work on the
icecast side...

2013/1/28 Wayne Merricks <waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com>:
> Hi all,
> This is probably something trivial that I've misunderstood.  I'm trying
> to get riv to send the now playing data to an Icecast 2 server.  The
> audio is already being fed by an external machine hanging off the end of
> the broadcast chain.
> After enabling rlm_icecast2 under the host now and next nothing seems to
> actually happen.
> Heres what I did up until now:
> rdadmin -> edit hosts -> myhost -> rdairplay -> configure now and next
> Inside there are fields for IP addresses, I ignored all of those and
> added an RLM to be loaded.  Browsed to rlm_icecast2 and then gave it an
> argument of: /home/myuser/icecast.conf
> Inside icecast.conf I copied the source/conf/rlm_icecast2.conf and
> edited it to the following:
> [Icecast1]
> Username=source
> Password=my_password
> Hostname=ip_of_icecast_server
> Tcpport=8000
> Mountpoint=/stream
> FormatString=%t
> MasterLog=Yes
> Aux1Log=No
> Aux2Log=No
> Saved everything and quit airplay.  Loaded it back up and played a
> random song with no change to the now playing info.
> The groups have now and next enabled, are there any logs I can look at
> which might shed some light on the situation?
> I've looked in syslog on the riv client and the icecast machine as well
> as the icecast log on the icecast machine with no luck.
> Regards,
> Wayne
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