[RDD] simple setup-guide for networked rivendell

Peter Claes - CLS bvbva peterclsbvba at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 19:33:39 EST 2013

I got the replicated share setup with glusterfs : /var/snd CHECK.

I have the second box pointing to the first. CHECK

But where can I alter what you discribe here :

*making sure that MySQL on the first box is bound to
and the account for Rivendell can login from anywhere (% as a host).*

Should I alter this bound ( in the SQL database somewhere ?
Is it originally 'localhost' configured ?

You lost me there for a minute.


Op 13/01/2013 0:44, James Harrison schreef:
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> You could quite simply setup GlusterFS to synchronize two bricks on
> each machine as a replicated volume, mount the volume on /var/snd, and
> setup MySQL in a hot standby configuration with a few scripts to
> handle failover/recovery of MySQL. Not really my area of expertise (I
> avoid MySQL in $job since it's not the tool for the job and clustering
> with it is a nightmare), though.
> GlusterFS setup might look a bit like (after you've installed gluster
> server/client on each and setup the two hosts as hosta and hostb and
> built a trusted pool with them):
> * gluster volume create audio replica 2 hosta:/audio hostb:/audio
> * gluster volume start audio
> * gluster volume set performance.cache-size 128MB # read cache
> * gluster volume set performance.flush-behind off # forces wait on
> filesystem - slower but more reliable
> Then mount the volume 'localhost:/audio' with type glusterfs (add to
> fstab) and you should be set for replicated audio.
> Note: I have not tested with Rivendell thoroughly but glusterfs FUSE
> exposes a completely standard *nix-compliant filesystem that should
> have no issues whatsoever.
> The GlusterFS website has loads of great documentation - read it
> through before you dive in. You can happily get effectively a copy of
> the audio on each machine, which gets you high availability as well as
> performance benefits to a centralized server.
> Cheers,
> James Harrison
> On 12/01/2013 23:34, Peter Claes - CLS bvbva wrote:
>> James,
>> If I use glusterFS .. you say I can replicate on the 2nd box.
>> I have 2 exact identical machines .. I have seen on the wiki page
>> that you can create a hot standy host.
>> Would this be a good way to create a hot standby host, replicating
>> the /var/snd on both machines ?
>> And replicating the database on both machine too ?
>> Could you also enlight me on this issue ?
>> Regards, Peter
>> Op 12/01/2013 15:42, James Harrison schreef:
>> On 12/01/2013 14:47, drew Roberts wrote:
>>>>> Haven't I read that using Samba (SMB/CIFS) will cause
>>>>> problems for some things Riv does?
>>>>>> all the best, drew
>> I don't _think_ Rivendell does anything strange that would break a
>> standard *nix filesystem such as the one provided by the CIFS SMB
>> driver. Any FUSE filesystem should work too, like GlusterFS or
>> Ceph's FUSE drivers, for more complex clusters. Most people use NFS
>> but I am a huge fan of everything that isn't NFS for a variety of
>> reasons... :-)
>> James
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