[RDD] Rivendell 1.72 Ubuntu 10.04 "Unable to create backup!"

Phil Jennings philj at calvaryradionet.com
Sun Jan 13 16:04:48 EST 2013

Have you tried from terminal as root?

#mysqldump --single Rivendell > /file/path.sql

Phil Jennings
Calvary Radio

Geoff Barkman <countryradio at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi There
>I'm getting a rather obscure message when I try to use the rdadmin
>Backup tool for making a backup of my database.
>I had my database set to back up every week on a particular day... and
>I noticed that the weekly backup file was only 805 bytes in size
>instead of the usual 49000kb that it normally is. So I thought I'd try
>the rdadmin tool. And get the error message box "Unable to create
>Any idea where to start checking so I can back up the system again?
>I do have mysql admin installed so i can log in using that... but i
>guess something is at fault with the database.
>Many thanks
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