[RDD] RDLogmanager and clocks

Andy Brown andy at thebmwz3.co.uk
Sun Jan 13 15:56:45 EST 2013

Hi all,
I'm new to Rivendell, look after a few community FM radio stations here
in the UK and looking to migrate them all over to Rivendell as its
looking impressive!

Have done a manual install on Ubuntu, got everything all up and running.
Rivendell version: 2.2.0

Everything is looking good, audio fine (using Jack), streaming using
Darkice, etc.
However I have an issue using RDLogmanager to create hour clocks and
generate them. I have followed the guide at thebrettblog (Fab guide
btw), but think I've missed something or there is a new tweak that I'm
missing. A basic rundown:

Events: I have 3 setup:
  TOTH Opener (Use hard start time, Make Next, PRE-IMPORT the 7 second
toth opener and set it to my service)
  Latest music (Import, select from "Latest", Title separation 100, Must
have code "Latest", imported carts have a play transition)
  00s music (Import, select from "MUSIC", Title separation 100, Must
have code "00s", imported carts have a play transition)

Clocks: 24x7 setup [THIS MAY ME WHERE I GO WRONG!]:
TOTH Opener at 00:00.0, end 00:07.0
Latest Music start 00:07.0 end 03:00.0
00s start 03:00.0 end 06:00.0
(and so on, repeating Latest Music and 00s to fill the hour)
Scheduler rules, the two categories have max in a row set to 999
Services list again set.

Grids: I've setup this 24x7 to every entry in GRIDS

I go to Generate Logs and select today/tomorrows date, select my service
and generate. It takes about 15 seconds and says "No exceptions found" -
so kinda good!

But when I check the schedule its created it does:

TOTH opener audio - Time 00:00:00.0 Length: :07
Latest song - Time 00:00:07.0 Length: 3:42
TOTH opener audio - Time 01:00:00.0 Length: :07
Latest song - Time 01:00:07.0 Length: 3:01

And so on, just those two keep repeating, interestingly they repeat 24
times (i.e. one for each hour of the day)
Then a Segue to the next day.

Can anyone spot from the above what I'm doing wrong, or what further
info I can provide to try and figure this out!

Thanks in advance folks

e: andy @ thebmwz3.co.uk
e: andy @ broadcast-tech.co.uk
w: http://www.thebmwz3.co.uk
w: http://www.broadcast-tech.co.uk

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