[RDD] Playing MP3 Streams

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Wed Sep 26 10:19:34 EDT 2012

On Tue, 25 Sep 2012, WBHM Web Operations wrote:

> We have a need to have the ability to play an MP3 stream as a backup 
> when we lose satellite signal.  We're using the latest RD v2.

> What are other people doing to handle this?

One of my clients has a Rivendell system that is on the air 24/7 except 
for an opera program that runs on Saturdays. The Rivendell system is 
connected to a Broadcast Tools ACS8.2 switcher. The opera program comes 
from a Comrex Access box which is connected to a different input on the 
same switcher. Rivendell puts it on the air by commanding the switcher to 
change to the appropriate input.

As a backup to the Access, we have a Barix Exstreamer 100 that can be 
programmed to take an mp3 stream from another station I consult which 
carries the same opera program. The Barix is wired to a third switcher 
input, and can be put on the air from a sound panel button in Rivendell.

It works like a charm.


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