[RDD] Low playback level

Kevin Miller atftb2 at alaska.net
Tue Sep 25 12:14:53 EDT 2012

On 09/24/2012 06:42 PM, Rob Landry wrote:
> So, when I installed the ASI card in my new Centos 6 machine... the level
> is still low.
> The problem's not the card, because the level is normal when it's
> installed in a machine with an older motherboard.
> The only thing I can imagine is that perhaps the PCI slots in newer boards
> are subtly different, somehow, from their predecessors.

Just a wild guess, but check the voltage of your PCI slots.  Older ones 
were 5v IIRC and newer ones are 3-something volts.  On our ASI card 
there's a jumper to set the card to use the right voltage.  Don't know 
which model you have, but maybe yours does also.

Kevin Miller
Juneau, Alaska
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