[RDD] Multimedia Distro

Alan Peterson apeterson at radioamerica.org
Tue Sep 25 10:20:34 EDT 2012

Normally I don't like mixing different OS's and flavors of OS's where I be at (we're a CentOS house), but there's a new release of Marco Ghirlanda's "ArtistX" that might be worth a look.

Version 1.3, released on Sept 23, is an Ubuntu-based multimedia distro that fills in numerous cracks in other departments around the station -- production folks get Ardour, TerminatorX, Mixxx and LMMS; the web and promotions guys have Inkscape, GIMP and Scribus; Cinelerra and OpenMovieEditor might make the web video gang happy; and for the truly warped, there is a nice complement of 3D graphics programs - including Blender - if someone wants to make a 3D cartoon of the station jocks.

Engineers get QCAD, Kivio and the Viso-like DIA.  I didn't dig down far enough into the software list to see if the front office staff got Libre- or Open Office, but it's got to be around somewhere.

There are numerous multimedia discs out there - like Studio64, Dream Studio or Puredyne - and a lot of them are worth a look. But this latest rollout caught my eye and I'm going to give it a spin around the block on one of my 'sacrificial lamb' computers at home.

I'll get back to you.


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