[RDD] New wine and old wineskins

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Sun Sep 23 07:10:06 EDT 2012

So, not being able to solve the level problem, they've asked me to build 
a new machine.

I have to use RD 1.7.2, as that's what the rest of their machines use.

However, Debian 6 ("Squeeze") won't install; it can't see the hard drive 
via the new motherboard. Googling reveals that this SATA chip isn't 
supported by that kernel version.

So, on to Debian 7 ("Wheezy"). That installs just fine... but it doesn't 
include QT3.

I can compile QT3 and install it from source, but Rivendell won't compile 
with it. I get a lot of errors, and I'm guessing maybe libqt3-mt-mysql 
isn't included in the QT3 source.

OK, so maybe I shouldn't be putting an ancient version of Rivendell on a 
new machine, but even the current version of Rivendell requires QT3... so, 
have any of y'all been able to install QT3 from source and get Rivendell 
to work with it?


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