[RDD] Slightly OT: Headless JACK and Upstart Scripts

Jay Eames alchamist at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 21 15:40:57 EDT 2012

We have been using liquidsoap streaming for a few months now as a test, and it has been more stable than darkice and simplecast with dsl drops. 

We are looking to moving to this kind of setup fairly soon for our main stream. 

On 21 Sep 2012, at 19:36, Rüdiger <newsletter at schwoon.info> wrote:

> Very nice.
> Do you have made tests sending to an external icecast/shoutcast server.?
> Mean with ices / darkice i've had trouble with DSL reconnects.!
> Am 19.09.2012 15:22, schrieb Wayne Merricks:
>> Hi all,
>> I finally managed to get this working with liquidsoap, compression,
>> silence detection and an audio archive
>> Scripts are all here:
>> http://pastebin.com/u/MezzFA0
>> I have Rivendell feeding this machine via sound card inputs.  Its been
>> running for about a week, uses approx 40MB of RAM and 15% CPU.
>> This is serving two streams to ice cast (also on the same system) one
>> stereo 128kb mp3 and one mono 64kbps mp3.  Both streams are compressed
>> and limited but the silence monitor is only on the mono stream.
>> I've only got a single wav for fallback but you can have a directory
>> full of songs to play instead.
>> I still can't figure out how to get jack in realtime mode so if anyone
>> has any thoughts I'd be interested to know.
>> Wayne Merricks
>> The Voice Asia
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