[RDD] Songs not playing and question about importing

Seth Stevenson rcflyer30 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 20:47:11 EDT 2012


I recently am working on rivendell again after being out of the loop for
over a year. I installed rivendell 2.0 on linux mint 13 maya. I got
everything working ok except this problem. If I have three songs set up in
airplay in automatic mode, the first song plays and fine and then will not
advance to the next song. The second song on the list is not clickable or
playable. If you click on the third song in the list, it will play just
fine, but will not advance on. I can add a song and play it fine, add the
same song and it will not play, and add the same song the third time, and
it will play. Really strange. Hope this is simple enough to describe my

Also I understand you now can import songs through a browser using apache.
Is there a guide anywhere on how to set up and use?

Thanks all!

Seth Stevenson
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