[RDD] RD networking machines

VE4PER/ Andy ve4per at aim.com
Mon Sep 17 05:59:50 EDT 2012

I would like to set up a server with network shares that are effectively 
/home/user1, /home/user2, /home/rduser etc so that I effectively have 
roaming linux user profiles.

Before I change system config files I thought I would run it by the list 
here to see if there are any pitfalls to avoid:

proposing to have client machine fstabs

servername:/user1share /home/user1 nfs default 0 0

Question that arises is the boxes although all have same 64 bit linux 
distro installed, each has some difference in the number of programs 
which would mean differences in the hidden config files in the local 
machine user folders.

  They all have the same basic browser, email, firwall, nfs and samba(2 
windows boxes as well) and desktop configurations though.

  My thought was to copy the /home/userX contents from the machine with 
most programs on it to the new network share, and the other machines 
with fewer programs would then have the config/init files needed and 
would just ignore the extra others??

It is to get around having to configure desktops, email accounts and 
program preferences over and over each time a new install is done with 
the same user.

In the case of RD, a new user could log on to a machine and customize 
their desktop and application prefs like email and browser, then have 
them copied over and placed on the server for automounting from any 
machine in the RD network.

The problem I see is a lot of work setting up shares and/or fstab edits 
if one wants to keep /home standard and local machine only for users 
that only use a single machine yet still allow power users the roaming 
profile access (especially in radio biz where there can be high staff 
turnover as well).

Is their a package available that would accomplish this maybe 
automatically? I assume there might be but likely only in an enterprise 
distro ??

comments ? tips to avoid a re-install??


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