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Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Fri Sep 14 11:15:33 EDT 2012

On Sep 14, 2012, at 10:16 55, Gregg Wonderly wrote:

> From the kernel version to the low level libraries to the other dependencies, there really should be a common dependency resolution mechanism across all distros so that it is just "simple" to go get one of the 1,000s of packages for linux that are available today, and install it.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely ever to happen, mostly due to historical reasons: the DIY nature of early (and lots of current) Linux development.  It's the "herding cats" problem.  Of course, the benefit you get over a system with a corporate sugar-daddy that can impose overall control is a system that is completely open and customizable down to the bare metal.  Take your pick.  That's the nature of engineering tradeoffs.

That said, I hear you when you talk about the ease of use of the RedHat-based repository system.  When it's properly implemented, it makes installing even complex apps like Rivendell a matter of just a few mouse clicks.  That's an experience we strive every day to achieve on the Broadcast Appliance.

>>> The "appliance" version seems to be the most attractive for people without
>>> experience in Linux administration.
>> And that's why it was created !
> And overall, it's a good thing.  I did have to spend time installing additional things I believe.  Isn't it missing mpeg-layer2 support?

It's there in Broadcast Appliance.  Just fire up pirut and do a search for 'mpeg'.

> I'm the kind of person that believes that if you have to write more than a page of documentation for something, then you missed out on some form of automation or tooling which could have kept 1,000 people from spending an hour each to read your 20page document.  I know it's not always possible to "guess" every variation you need to deal with, but in the end, people want to use your "package", so they will likely not appreciate having to read more than a page, and may go do something different if they have to.

Preach it, Bro!


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