[RDD] cart chops off

Gavin Stephens g.stephens at 88fm.co.nz
Fri Sep 7 22:47:28 EDT 2012

I just noticed it appears to happen on all other carts in the main log 
regardless of no fade at segue option (normally it's a full log and I don't 
notice it obviously). I have put a new sound card in today though (just a 
basic VT7123 running on the Envy driver), although for all purposes it plays 
fine in log edit and library in the marker editor to the end, and I can play 
multiple panel carts at the same time in RDAirPlay. I've also made sure the 
card and port is the same as I use in library and the same for the main log 
and panel outputs. If I switch to manual mode (normally it sits in auto) it 
still chops off too. I have manual segue set to 5500ms and forced to 5500ms 
and I've tried changing both to 150ms and back but it still chops them off. 
The carts though do have segue start markers set. Is there something I'm 
missing, must be?? 99% it's the operator with me, but it has me a little 

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> This is on older 1.7.2,
> For some reason, I have an odd cart that when it plays in RDAirPlay,
> RDAirPlay chops the cart off at the segue start marker dead. It's set to 
> no
> fade on segue, and I've cleared the markers and cut end marker and re-did
> them. Still same result. Any ideas why? Is this related to the carts not
> working
> on the other post I saw a few days back? The seuge and cut end markers at
> at the end of the file, tripple checked this in RDLibrary which plays the
> cart right
> to the end.
> Cheers,
> Gavin.
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