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Jay Eames alchamist at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 6 14:04:05 EDT 2012

Hi Bill,

Thanks for that information. 

We are also on 1.7.2 at the moment, on a stand alone machine. I hadn't planned an upgrade yet as there was little need.

I have a feeling it's something in the import process, as it's the only "change" to the audio file that is made from leaving the user's PC to ending up in the library. I just fail to see what the difference is between preview and log. 

I also trolled the logs but didn't see anything untoward with them. As you say, Rivendell seems to think it played it ok, even down to increasing the cut play count. 

I have tried it a couple of times in the wee small hours to test, and interestingly it seemed, on occasion, to make it skip the next cart in the log as well - again with no errors in the logs. 

I will keep looking as it's something we need to work out. 


On 6 Sep 2012, at 18:05, Bill Putney <billp at wwpc.com> wrote:

> Jay,
> We've seen this quite a bit here. Not a lot in terms of total operating time but enough to be a pain. It happens most noticeably on long program carts as you have seen but we also see it on music length carts and even station ID length carts. 
> What version of Rivendell are you running there? We're still on 1.7.2 and we're gearing up to move to 2.x.x BA very soon and we hope some of this sort of problem will go away. We have a client/server setup with the wav files and the database on a separate server from the playout client(s).
> I've spent countless hours trying to figure out a way of recognizing a "Bad Cart" or finding a reported error that could point me to a cause for this behavior but no such luck. I've taken weeks worth of /var/log/syslog files filtered for the "LoadPlayback" lines and converted them into a spreadsheet. I then go through and look for carts that are followed within a second of the next cart. I see certain carts that skip every time they are played. There's never an error reported. It looks like the system thought it played the cart and went on to the next one in the log. These carts always play fine out of the library.
> The only hint we've seen is that we had one program that had a canned wav file intro that was always tacked on the front of the program in our DAW every week. Every time that program ran from a log it would be skipped. If it was played out of the library it worked fine. Finally, in desparation, we re-recorded the intro wav and it hasn't skipped since. Clearly there is something in that wav file that was causing the skip but there's no indication I can find anywhere that there's a violation of any formatting and no error reports from Rivendell.
> If you find the answer please spread the word around.
> Bill Putney - KPTZ Port Townsend, WA
>  On 9/5/12 12:27 AM, Jay Eames wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I have a bit of a strange one I am hoping someone can help with. I have a cart that is nearly 2 hours in length. The cart info is all there, and the waveform shows in the marker editor. The cut was imported from a flash drive plugged directly into the system via rdlibrary, and was originally in wav format.
>> The cart plays absolutely fine in preview, but if you put it in the log, Rivendell just skips over it when it tries to play it. 
>> I have tried both manual and automatic starts, and every type of transition - all result in the same. I have other carts from the same presenter that are of similar length and imported the same way that play out fine. 
>> I know can try re-importing etc, but my question here is if there is any way to spot this problem ahead of time as the cart seemed absolutely fine. Obviously it's not very practical to have to put the cart into a live log (we only have the one Rivendell machine at the moment) to test it.
>> Jay
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