[RDD] GPI trigger won't start a macro cart

Gregg Wonderly gergg at cox.net
Mon Sep 3 16:36:08 EDT 2012

Macro carts matched to a GPI trigger aren't starting and we can't figure out why.

We're reliably receiving input contact closures from our Broadcast Tools ACS 8x2 as indicated on the RDGpiMon utility. The proper macro cart number to start is indicated in green under the GPI light in the utility. Yet that macro cart never plays when the closure is received.

Here's the cart we created to enable contact closure #1 on 8x2 matrix #0 to trigger macro cart #500030:

GE 0 I 1 1!
GI o I 1 1 500030!

Is this syntax correct? What are we forgetting to do?


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