[RDD] I have a quick (most likely simple) question about LL macro

James Gamblin jgamblin at lwrn.org
Mon Oct 22 10:53:57 EDT 2012

We have not been using this macro and I notice at the end of the day there
is some
silence while the next log loads.  It doesn't seem to load until the
existing log is
completely finished.

So, makes sense that we need to run the LL macro about 23:50.  Here is the

LL<mach><log>[start line]

In Chapter 9 of the PDF manual, Machine and Start line are defined but
<log> is not.  Or
it, at least, escapes me.

Does it automatically load the the log following the date on the existing
log?  Do I enter a
start date here?  Do I leave it as "log"?  What should go in between the <
and the > ?

James Gamblin
96.9 KVMV
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