[RDD] You Want That RD to Go?

Alan Peterson apeterson at radioamerica.org
Sat Oct 20 17:20:23 EDT 2012

Who here has been able to get Rivendell to run dependably on a common laptop PC? If so, what brand and model, and which RD bundle (Centos/SUSE/RRAbuntu)?

The local used computer emporium here has a huge overstock of decent refurbed Dell "Core Duo" laptops at $150 a pop. I'm thinking a portable RD rig to tuck into the backpack and use in the high school football announce-booth, or to bring elements and fx for an entire radio show on the road with you. 

The audio I/Os on these machines are barf, to be sure. But over a stadium PA, no one will notice. Can anybody here report success? 

TNX as always.

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