[RDD] CentOS!?

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Sat Oct 20 16:41:50 EDT 2012

On Oct 20, 2012, at 15:59 06, Gregg Wonderly wrote:

> It just seems like there are some fairly good heuristics that a shell script could use to, for example check for the .conf file and conf.d and the conf file having things that would be on all apache conf files, to them say hey is this your apache install dir?  And if not to prompt for the path and install it where specified.

But then there are those distros (e.g. Slackware) where there is no 'conf.d/' directory at all, but rather One Big Configuration File, into which the necessary configuration changes must be pasted.  And I'm sure there are even weirder setups out there.  I've seen Apache layouts change even across different versions of the same distro.

Heuristics are dangerous things; by their very nature, they tend to break in unforeseen ways and at unexpected times.  In the absence of a clear standard such as the LSB, I think the better engineering approach is to tell installers about the issue and let them handle it.  For production environments, this really isn't an issue as any properly crafted package installer will handle it automatically.  (For an example of how this gets done on CentOS, see the spec file in the Rivendell sources).


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