[RDD] Ogg/vorbis truncated in import ?

Alban Peignier alban at tryphon.eu
Fri Oct 12 06:38:20 EDT 2012

Hi all,

By testing Rivendell 2.2.0 debian/ubuntu packages, I've been unable to
import "completely" ogg files. Example :

A smart test.ogg file. According to vorbisinfo :

Total data length: 9303586 bytes
Playback length: 4m:18.360s
Average bitrate: 288.081313 kb/s

rdimport MUSIC test.ogg returns no error.

The Cart and the Cut are created. The Cart length is 4:18 .. but the Cut
contains only the first 21204ms of sound :(

Same problem with "all" ogg files I've found on my disk. Cuts are
truncated after few seconds.

I reproduce the same problem with Rivendell 2.1.4 ?!

Is it a nightmare and I'll wake up ?
Alban Peignier - alban at tryphon.eu

Tryphon : Radio, Web et Logiciels Libres

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