[RDD] Broadcast appliance to usb flash drive?

Cowboy curt at cwf1.com
Thu Oct 11 18:23:47 EDT 2012

On Thursday 11 October 2012 05:37:26 pm Wayne Merricks wrote:
> USB pen drives also generally have quite low write wear rates before the flash dies, its not a problem I've ever noticed over the years but I suppose if there is constant writes to the drive you might eventually burn out part of it.
> Having said that its probably not much less reliable than normal drives.

 Modern flash memory is typically good for 100K or so erase-write cycles.
 Some of the newer flash are claiming 1M cycles, so yes, at some point they
 will start reporting errors as the ROM wears out, but the real question
 ( to which you allude ) is how many erase-write cycles will you be subjecting
 it to over its expected life ? ( erase is much harder on the ROM than write )

 In my experience as a data recovery guy, hard disks fail mostly due to mechanical
 reasons. Bearing failure in Western Digital, head crashes in Seagate, they all
 have their typical failure modes. These are functions of mechanical stress.
 Flash doesn't suffer mechanical stresses, but the medium does "wear"
 with number of cycles. The controller on solid state drives tends to use the
 memory much like a conventional hard drive, where the data isn't erased.
 The sectors are merely marked "available" and sit dormant until needed, so
 even though a particular block ( and flash blocks are much larger. That's how
 they get speed over EEPROM ) has its wear limits, the controller by using other
 blocks can attempt to minimize wear on individual blocks, so a solid state
 "hard drive" can easily last as long as spinning platters.
 Longer, if the data on it is only a fraction of its capacity.



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