[RDD] What date does RD use to purge logs?

Robert jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 20:39:18 EDT 2012

At our installation we generate logs 8 days in advance as a cron job at
1am when all is quiet.

This means the remote locations have a few days backup in case we lose
the broadband.

Logs are often re-generated closer to broadcast date as changes are made
so the generation date can vary.

This seemed to work well until we set the 'keep logs for' to 7 days.

and we had a week or so of no changes.

Suddenly 'today's' log is missing, and it was there yesterday.

cat /var/log/messages |grep logname 

reveals a purge at about the log generation time.

Step 1 is to set the 'keep logs' to 21 days and see if that fixes it.

Next step is to figure out if the system is working from creation date
not broadcast date .. which is what I have assumed is the case..

I have a feeling I have to go back and create a bunch of logs which have
the "purge in 21 days" flag set because the same thing has happened two
days now and I re set the "hold logs" flag yesterday.

I will have a look at the log tables in mysql and see what data is held.


there are several date fields including the PURGE_DATE

and the purge date is set off the creation date ..

from LOGS order by NAME ;

.. by the offset set in the service module

so I have answered my own question and will set the purge date out to
allow for this.

Hope this was of interest!


Robert Jeffares
Big Valley Radio Thames
The Wireless Station Hawkes Bay

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