[RDD] rsync causing latency in airplay

Nathan Steele nathan.steele at thecrossfm.com
Tue Oct 2 11:26:41 EDT 2012

Hi all,

Having a problem with rsync lately (don't recall having it before, but 
not sure what changed, or maybe I just didn't notice).

The background info:
Rivendell broadcast appliance on a server machine with a 6 drive raid 5 
(hardware controller) hosting mysql and /var/snd, and the delta 1010 
audio card, rivendell broadcast appliance on an airplay machine, CAE 
running on the server (airplay runs on this machine but the audio comes 
out the server soundcard). A network drive is mounted as /backup on the 
server machine. the rivendell machines have gigabit nics and are on a 
gigabit switch, the network drive is 100 megabit nic.

The problem:
Running rsync -alv /var/snd /backup causes latency between the songs 
playing out. the songs play fine once they start, but we get a few 
seconds of dead air between songs, and it really throws the jocks off if 
they are on air.

niceing it didn't help at all nice -n 19 rsync -alv /var/snd /backup, 
actually seemed to make it worse...

I can't imagine the network is clogging....the cpu utilization seems to 
be fine, as well as RAM.......

Any Ideas?

the purpose of course is to backup my audio. any suggestions? am I using 
the wrong switches? should I be using a negative number for nice? (I 
read the docs and it seemed like i wanted a positive number..)


Nathaniel C. Steele
Assistant Chief Engineer/Technical Director
WTRM-FM / TheCrossFM

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