[RDD] RDCatch

Stan Fotinos sfotinos at rtrfm.com.au
Tue Oct 2 09:10:04 EDT 2012

Hi Alan

I have a Audio Science card ASI6585 and I just thought off the 
synchronisation on my computer might be an issue so I just turn off the 
NTP service. I will have to wait a few hours and see what happens.

Thank you


On 2/10/12 8:59 PM, Alan Peterson wrote:
> Stan, can you describe your audio hardware (dedicated card/on-board mobo audio etc)?
> Also, is your computer clock synched up to an Internet time server?
> Sounds like something's drifting.
> -a.
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> Hi All
> I have set up a computer with the Centos install disc and have done all
> updates just to run RDCatch on it as a logger. What I am finding is the
> recordings are constantly different in length eg 59.57.5 / 59.36.3 /
> 59.35.9 etc... I have set up RDCatch to use hard time start and end
> times for every hour. Would anyone have any idea why this might be
> happening?
> Thanks
> Stan
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