[RDD] OpenOB 2.3 release

Fernando Della Torre fdts at vdit.com.br
Thu Nov 29 11:03:27 EST 2012

Hello James,

This is my very first time experience with OpenOB.

I have set up 2 old IBM P4 HT 3Ghz desktops running Wheezy and installed
OpenOB on both.
They are running OpenOB on the onboard sound cards through ALSA over a
100Mbit fast ethernet.

Using 96kbps Opus I get 390ms of delay, and using PCM 360ms, far above the
mentioned 50ms, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for building such usefull software! Congratulations,



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2012/10/22 James Harrison <james at talkunafraid.co.uk>

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> I know a few Rivendellers have used the earlier (beta) versions of
> OpenOB in the past so here's a quick notice to all that OpenOB 2.3 is
> out, with stable support for the Opus codec recently standarized by the
> IETF, which supports bitrates as low as 16kbps or up to 384kbps with a
> variety of audio bandwidths.
> OpenOB is the open outside broadcast tool, an audio over IP link tool
> which makes moving audio over a network in realtime with very low
> latencies (<10ms in PCM mode, <50ms in Opus mode) fairly trivial.
> Other improvements include proper Python packaging for easy
> installation, reliability improvements, visual feedback changes and an
> improved command line interface.
> Support for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer has now been tested,
> confirmed and verified. It works out of the box with no issues using USB
> sound cards. This means you can put a link together (both ends) for
> under £200.
> You can nab yourself a copy here:
> http://jamesharrison.github.com/openob/ - all you need is two computers
> running Linux.
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> Cheers,
> James Harrison
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