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Rivendell Steve rivendelluk at ntlworld.com
Mon Nov 26 17:07:19 EST 2012

On 26 November 2012 21:43, Cowboy <curt at cwf1.com> wrote:

> On Monday 26 November 2012 04:21:29 pm Rivendell Steve wrote:
> > The studio playout PC is running debian wheezy. Can anyone recommend a
> > suitable windows manager? If it makes any difference I'm running with two
> > touch screen displays.
> >
> > This is only for playout, there's a seperate PC for email, etc.
>  What does Debian provide these days as "standard" ?
>  It was Debian that introduced me to both TWM and FVWM.
>  These days, Slackware, but still FVWM.
>  Light weight, and extensible. ( twm is a tad too lightweight, but
>  quite serviceable )
>  FVWM can be as minimal as you like, or considerably more.
>  Far FAR less resource intense than KDE. I've not played with Gnome.
>  Most of the others fall somewhere between FVWM and KDE.
>  Because of the way KDE apps communicate, KDE is somewhat more
>  resource intense than Microsoft Windows, or so it appears.

Thanks guys, both FVWM and fluxbox are available on debian ;)

My currrent WM installed on debian wheezy is metacity under gnome.

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