[RDD] Rivendell choosing ALSA over AudioScience

Joe Makowski (RIT Student) jmm8874 at rit.edu
Mon Nov 26 10:03:47 EST 2012

Hi all,

I'm a relatively new engineer here and am trying to upgrade our
workstations to fresh installations of Ubuntu 12.04 and Rivendell 2.2.0. We
have AudioScience cards and currently have AudioScience HPI 4.10.15 drivers
installed. Ubuntu reports the driver as installed and active, but not
currently in use. In the Audio Resources window of RDAdmin, the
AudioScience HPI driver is reported to be "not active" and RD is instead
going with ALSA for its output, much to our dismay. Executing 'sudo
asihpitest' will successfully play out a sine wave, which seems to suggest
that the driver is working correctly. Does anyone have any tips for making
Rivendell recognize that the driver is indeed active?


Joseph Makowski
Rochester Institute of Technology: Undergrad
GCCIS: Applied Networking & System Administration
College of Liberal Arts: International Studies
89.7 WITR Henrietta Music Director
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