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John Penovich penovichj at rfa.org
Mon Nov 26 09:37:49 EST 2012

We've been using heartbeat and drbd for exactly this type of topology 
for about 5 years now, no issues.

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On 11/25/2012 09:08 AM, James Harrison wrote:
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> This sounds fairly sensible - you'll need a switcher to flip between
> studios that Rivendell can talk to, of course.
> I'd suggest that you consider strongly your availability requirements.
> If your network server dies you lose everything, if I'm reading that
> right - I'd think twice about having all my eggs in one basket without
> a hot spare (MySQL slave, synchronized copy of /var/snd, copy of
> Apache services etc) and maybe some intelligent failover (CARP or
> similar). You might also want to consider this for your 'master
> control' Rivendell box. Hardware inevitably fails! I'm guessing you
> have a silence switcher and an independent Rivendell box or some other
> playout device sat downstream to provide an emergency audio source.
> The rest all sounds entirely possible with Rivendell, macros and logs
> - - as far as best practices go, I'm not the person to ask but plenty of
> other people on the list can advise!
> Cheers,
> James Harrison
> On 25/11/2012 10:42, Rivendell Steve wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We've been using Rivendell as a sustaining playout system in the
>> past and it's proved to be very reliable and flexible.
>> Currently we have one studio, with its own playout system
>> (currently not Rivendell) simply used for live programmes.
>> We have a second playout system (again not Rivendell) which also
>> feeds the main desk. This runs the pre-recorded programmes,
>> sustaining service, etc.
>> This all works well and we can switch the sustaining playout live
>> to air, bypassing the desk, to enable the single studio to do
>> pre-recs, etc.
>> We're now constructing a second studio and then overhauling the
>> first one. We're planning to switch to Rivendell as the sole
>> playout system. I have a Rivendell machine serving the second
>> studio (currently under test) and a separate network server for
>> MySQL, /var/snd and running the web based services (running
>> rdxport, etc.). This all works fine.
>> My aim is to have three playout systems. One for each studio and a
>> third - a kind of master control - handling the playing of
>> pre-records, sustaining playout, remote contributions, etc. So the
>> master control would follow the main schedule, switching the
>> studios live, playing pre-recs, etc.
>> Is this possible with Rivendell? Is this the best way to achieve
>> what we want to achieve? I'd be very grateful to here how other
>> people handle multiple studios, pre-records, etc.
>> Many thanks,
>> Steve.
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