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On 25 November 2012 14:08, James Harrison <james at talkunafraid.co.uk> wrote:

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> This sounds fairly sensible - you'll need a switcher to flip between
> studios that Rivendell can talk to, of course.
> I'd suggest that you consider strongly your availability requirements.
> If your network server dies you lose everything, if I'm reading that
> right - I'd think twice about having all my eggs in one basket without
> a hot spare (MySQL slave, synchronized copy of /var/snd, copy of
> Apache services etc) and maybe some intelligent failover (CARP or
> similar). You might also want to consider this for your 'master
> control' Rivendell box. Hardware inevitably fails! I'm guessing you
> have a silence switcher and an independent Rivendell box or some other
> playout device sat downstream to provide an emergency audio source.
> The rest all sounds entirely possible with Rivendell, macros and logs
> - - as far as best practices go, I'm not the person to ask but plenty of
> other people on the list can advise!
Hi James,

Yes, fully recognise the need for resiliance - I like sleep! We'll still
keep our current systems in place for dire emergencies but you're right
about the need for SQL replication, filesystem sync, etc. That's all
straightforward stuff - the main server is running RAID and I intend to
place a mirror server online.

For studio switching, my idea is to use avoid the cost of a traditional
matrix switcher. Each studio's output would feed the master control -
either by netjack or simply an analogue feed into the master control's
m-audio 1010 unit.

Of course, sod's law decrees that the master control will pack up. For such
an emergency we have the silence detectors to fall back on, we can manually
patch either studio direct to air via the jackfield and we can put an
alternative studio to air bypassing the whole studio if needs be. We
already have a jack based switching unit in use, which has been very
reliable (old server grade kit). And we only have one transmitter,
broadcast processer, etc. so it's the old cost v. benefit and risk

So it's mainly the best approach to the Rivendell side that I'm unsure


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